With offices and representatives around the world, we understand your market as well as understanding the issues felt by manufacturers. Most problems between global suppliers and clients are due to poor communication.


Culturally, suppliers can be reluctant to question things they do not understand. We break down those barriers to ensure you get what you want, when you want it and to the level you expect.

What we thought about women and bikes was wrong

New analysis of its research into American bicycling shows that many assumptions about women and bikes are wrong.

Providing Dispositions on Defects

When working with quality control teams – in China or anywhere else – maintaining a constant and constructive dialogue is a best practice that is often overlooked by importers.

Six tips for maintaining your solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture gains its popularity among consumers for its nature texture, while they know little about how to take care of their solid wood furniture. It is important to furniture selecting, well, it is also necessary for furniture maintenance which effects the furniture’s life.

New rules for machinery exports

The Ministry of Commerce will soon come out with draft standards for export of machinery products from China, as part of its overall efforts to shut the door on low-quality shipments, industry sources said on Thursday.

China to become largest cross-border e-commercemarket by 2020: report

China will become the largest market for buying and selling products online acrossinternational borders by 2020, a report jointly released by Alibaba and Accenture said this week.

The recovery of auto industry warms up the American plastic machine industry

After a decade of down fall, American plastic machine industry has its new recovery spring. Estimated by American local observer, in the last 2 years, the plastic machine industry reveals an uplift trend, and this trend will continue.

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