Six tips for maintaining your solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture gains its popularity among consumers for its nature texture, while they know little about how to take care of their solid wood furniture. It is important to furniture selecting, well, it is also necessary for furniture maintenance which effects the furniture’s life. So how can we maintain the solid wood furniture, In general, Hausprimo suggests the following tips:

1. Pay attention to the furniture’ s surface cleaning

Solid wood furniture always has painting in its surface, so it is extra important to maintain the painting film. Once the surface has destroyed, the furniture can never keep its outlooks and can also do harm to the internal structure. Every a few days, you should use a wet cotton cloth without water to use the surface.

2. Avoid using alcohols, and other chemical removing

If there is dirty mark on you furniture, do not clean with power. You can clean the dirties with warm tea water. Put some wax on the furniture after the water dries.

3. Avoid being scratched by the hard

When you do house cleaning, do not touch your wood furniture with cleaning tools or other hard objects.

4. Keep away from wet environment

If it is too much wet in the house in summer, you should use thick gasket to separate the furniture from the wet palace and keep those furniture close to walls away from the wall.

5. Keep away from the heat

It would be better that you put the furniture along the heat, which distance is about 1 meter to avoid burning.

6. Avoid being under the sunshine directly

The place that the furniture is should avoided the direct sunshine, or you can use thick curtains to separate from the sunshine. It does not only protect the furniture, but also adds some romantic feeling to your home.

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