Providing Dispositions on Defects

When working with quality control teams – in China or anywhere else – maintaining a constant and constructive dialogue is a best practice that is often overlooked by importers. Having hired a quality control company in-country, some importers often mistakenly assume that they can finally wash their hands of any active role in the maintenance or improvement of their products’ quality.

Not so – In fact, having a quality control partner on the ground is far from a replacement for being hands-on with your products’ quality; it’s an efficiency and effectiveness multiplier. Once your goods have been inspected and you have reviewed a QC Report detailing all of the issues found in the shipment, you have the ability to directly influence the quality of your current and subsequent shipments. The best way to leverage such an opportunity is to give your quality control team what they crave: feedback.

As with any service provider, feedback gives your QC team the vital information they need to streamline inspections of your products and ultimately add the most value they possibly can to your supply chain. Some of the most useful feedback comes in the form of dispositions. Client dispositions on defects allow for checklists and inspection procedures to be tailored directly to the importer’s standards. These dispositions also provide your QC team with insight into what aspects of the product must be more heavily scrutinized (or conversely, de-emphasized) during subsequent inspections.

Hongjing Industrial has professional QC team and standard dispositions to eliminate your import business worries. Cooperate with us and get your 100% satisfied products.

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