Purchase the Right Type of Screwdriver

Most people will tell you screwdrivers come in two different types: straight blades and Phillip’s head. The truth is, there’s much more to keep in mind when buying a quality screwdriver, including grip, tips, and other considerations, such as functionality.

Screwdriver Quality

Quality screwdrivers feature alloy-steel shanks, grit-blasted tips, nickel-chrome finishes, and sturdy plastic handles. For those who have used a screwdriver that came away from a job with a twisted flat head or damaged tip because of a stubborn screw, then they know the advantage of a quality product. Don’t settle for less than alloy-steel shanks-anything else can potentially be a waste of money. Pay more for a top quality screwdriver and it will last a lifetime with proper use.

Screwdriver Grip

Another important consideration in buying a screwdriver is grip configuration. Screwdriver grip type is a matter of personal preference; however, the screwdriver should not hurt the user’s hand under extreme exertion. Common screwdriver grip styles have recessed slots around the handle, rubber padded grips, rounded handles with grip inserts, and contoured four-sided handles.

Screwdriver Tips - Straight-edged, Philips & More

Common screwdrivers feature more that the two conventional tips. A straight, also referred to as a slotted tip, screwdriver has a straight, tapered tip that fits a slot on a matching screw top. Phillips screwdrivers, named after inventor Henry F. Phillips, have a pointed cross-head tip that matches a self-centering, cross-head screw top. Other screwdriver tips include the hex head, square head, and Torx head models, each with unique applications.

Additional Screwdriver Considerations

In addition to the information above, functionality is also good to keep in mind, and there are two specific types of screwdrivers that come to mind: a nut driver and a multi-tip screwdriver. A hand tool called a nut driver looks very similar to a screwdriver. But, instead of a head designed to twist a screw, a small socket is affixed to the end of the shaft and the tool is used to drive small nuts or bolts in the same manner as tightening or loosening a screw. Additionally, multi-tip screwdrivers are available, allowing convenient tip changes for different applications. Multi-tip screwdrivers come with simple or extensive collections of driver bits. Some multi-tips have the interchangeable tips stored in or attached to the handle of the screwdriver. Other multi-tip screwdrivers come as part of a kit with numerous bit options available.

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