Tools & Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Easy!

Whenever the snow starts to melt, I'm always excited to tackle some organizing projects and a little spring cleaning. But it can be overwhelming. Start by finding a great list of places to focus on, and choose what is most important for you to get organized (and clean) this year. You'll definitely feel satisfied as you make your way through that list and get some extra projects done! Here are some ideas to help you.

Dust Your Home

If you don't have a set of microfiber cloths yet, then you don't know what you're missing out on. I love them, especially Hongjin Multipurpose Square Microfiber Cleaning Cloth! They make it so easy to pick up the dust, and clean surfaces without it just getting spread around. They're also great for cleaning your car, too!

Clean the Blinds

Your blinds in your home are something you don't often think about. Getting a tool to help you clean them quickly and easily makes it seem much less overwhelming! I love these blind tools because they have microfiber cloths on them already for you to use

Wash the Windows

Another important part of spring cleaning is window washing. A window washing tool is a great thing to have on hand for making it an easier job. Especially if you have lots of small windows. For larger windows, you can use microfiber glass cleaning cloths.

Clean the Grout

Don't forget about cleaning the grout in your bathrooms and even in between the tiles in your kitchen floor! Get a good scrubber tool-Hongjin 4'' Heavy Duty Floor Cleaning Tools Scraper, or have a steam cleaner to clean those tough places that scrubbing just won't clean.

Put Together a Spring Cleaning Bucket

One thing that helps me is to put all my tools I use for spring cleaning together in a Hongjin Household Cleaning Tools Plastic Mop Bucket with Wringer. Include things like rags, gloves, and your spray bottles, so when it's time to get to work, everything is in one place.

Organize Everything!

Spring cleaning wouldn't work without a little organizing too. Use this time to clean out kids' clothes, organize a linen closet, or spend extra time devoted to space you've your garage! Invest in some organizing bins to help you get on top of the clutter and help your home feel more organized.

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