Over the past few years, the HJ Global Group has invested significantly in technology, new company infrastructure, key management, enthusiastic staff, an in-house IT department, and our very own dedicated design team. Due to the management direction of "Take the best of the East with the best of the West", Hongjin has experienced unprecedented growth and expansion.


CCIT was established to introduce “Made-in-China” products to an international market and assist in the manufacturing for all of our industry value-added products. We offer on-line and off-line consultant services to build a bridge between traditional company and Industry 4.0. Our optimized industrial resources enable you to exchange information on policy & trend and achieve maximum results. With an Eco-business platform, our efficient and open supply-demand chain will help you find what exactly you need.


Through Customer consultation the Tecprimo team will develop the best, bespoke ERP/CRM software to streamline the IT functions of your whole business.

A well thought out, integrated ERP/CRM system with an easy user interface will revolutionise the way a successful company manages its workflow, data, sales, operations, marketing and finance. Managers are able to analyse staff and business performance with tailor made reporting, whilst the company as a whole will benefit from quick and easy access to essential company data and information.


Cheng Gong Dian Shang is a new joint-venture between HJ Global Group and Times Management Training, two of the most respected establishments in Chinese business.

Incorporating the knowledge and skills of both partners, Cheng Gong has established a new training program for Chinese business management models and e-commerce strategies in order to raise the standard of operations and seek the success of each client. With an extensive network of partners nationwide, Cheng Gong offers courses with top-level trainers and lecturers from each region as well as from their training headquarters in Hangzhou.


Hausprimo is the premier supplier of high quality MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) furniture in China with its manufacturing facilities located in Hebei Province. We have received the FSC Certification and ISO 9001 international management system certification in order to meet the requirements of our foreign buyers and set an example in the manufacturing industry.

Through the dedication and passion to develop ourselves and our company, we have been recognized for our endeavors and received awards from several agencies in china.


After years of conducting business all across Europe, we have established an office in the UK to work efficiently be readily available to offer our services to potential clients.

We are ready to meet with you and discuss how we can best serve you in any area of international manufacturing and trading. We offer complete services for design, sourcing, and manufacturing to ensure that your experience with Hongjin is beyond your expectation.

In the UK, we have partnered with BOWMINT to handle all logistics services necessary to guarantee the safe and timely delivery of your products.

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