The Hongjin Group has been successfully eliminating global buying issues from the minds of our clients & customers worldwide since 2004.With offices and representatives around the world, we understand YOUR market as well as understanding the issues felt when working with overseas manufacturers. Most problems between global suppliers and clients are due to poor communication. We break down those barriers to ensure you get what you want, when you want it and to the level you expect.

Over the past few years the Hongjin Group has invested significantly in technology, new company infrastructure, key management, enthusiastic staff, an in-house IT department, and our very own dedicated design team. Due to the management direction of "Take the best of the East with the best of the West", Hongjin has experienced unprecedented growth and expansion throughout this tough economic time.

Hongjin has the full array of services for your business in China. We have certified and built solid foundational relationships with more than 200 independent factories in China, and our clients and business partners reach every market.



Full Service Industrial Design

Our team has experience in all fields relating to product design and development. If you have any needs for your new product or wish to make further improvements, we are here to offer our support.


The Best Manufacturing in China.

We continuously review and add to our factory portfolio every day! We will always secure quotes and samples from multiple manufacturers before selecting the right match for our customer.


Getting Exactly What You Want

One of the biggest worries when purchasing from a Chinese supplier, especially for the first time, is that when the goods arrive. Our samples procedure takes away that worry completely!


Customized Product Needs

Over the years, the Hongjin Group has brought many new products to market for both Hongjin Trade and our customers alike; our team understands all aspects of New Product Development.


A Higher Level of Expectation

Our Hongjin service includes regular and thorough inspections throughout the manufacturing process, eliminating the need to employ additional quality control inspectors.


International Standards

We can arrange this with independent, fully recognized testing companies such as SGS, Intertec, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd's Register or the testing company of your choice.


Design, Print, Dye-cut, and more.

'Will the packaging be suitable to my product?' Here at Hongjin Trade we understand that the packaging is as important, and in some cases even more so, than the product itself.


Many orders, No Problem

We can consolidate your smaller orders from multiple factories, delivering all at the same time to you or your customers, using the most cost-effective route available. Leave it to us, it is our job!


FOB China or CIF Near You

Whether you have your own freight-forwarder, would like us to organize shipment; require delivery FOB to a port in China or CIF to a port near you, we are happy to supply whichever way you choose.


Our design team has experience in all fields relating to product design and development. Devin Mize, our award winning Design Director, leads our design team with a vast experience of designing products for many competitive marketplaces such as toy, furniture, and electronics. Prior to joining the HJ Global Group, Devin worked with a number of international renowned companies and his designs have been well received in a variety of industries worldwide.

Under his extraordinary creative design and concepts, Devin directs our design department to follow the fundamentals and principals of design to produce great innovative and sustainable designs for our Chinese and international customers alike. Whether you need brand, marketing, or product design support, our design team is ready and willing to solve any of your company needs today!

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