New products often fail because of unanticipated market shifts that result in missed opportunities and misused channels of manufacture & distribution. Failures also occur because companies miscalculate their own technological strengths or the product's technological challenges. These potential problems often crop up in the latter stages and result in expense overruns caused by delays, redesigns, or poor quality products.

Over the years, the Hongjin Group has brought many new products to market for both Hongjin Industrial and our customers alike. For every aspect of manufacturing in China, from the drawing table to sampling and production, our own professional specialists will see to it that your products and the production process are checked and rechecked, ensuring your that you see your ideas come to life.


Home & Office Furniture

Home decorating and fittings projects have exploded in popularity. Never before have so many people been willing to work on their own homes and use their creativity to make their living spaces comfortable. Home improvement has always been something that people have enjoyed.


The increase in popularity of outdoor furniture has brought about new changes and innovations to the industry bringing to the market higher quality solutions at lower prices. Hongjin Industrial is now offering new Home & Garden Furniture to meet the growing demand seen all across the globe.


Hongjin offers a comprehensive range of cleaning and janitorial products for all types of industrial or commercial premises. We provide everything you need from cleaning cloths and toilet rollers to heavy-duty cleaning equipment such as mops, buckets and vacuum cleaners. No task is too large or too small with our broad.

Transmission Parts

Transmission manufacturing industry is anticipated to trend higher over the decades, as the entire machine sector continues to rise. We know the market is going to hit its point. Hongjin is willing to cooperate with you in this golden land.


The Sports Goods industry has fared well due to strong demand for Sports and Leisure products from more health and innovative-conscious individuals. By following the three guiding principles of craftsmanship, innovation and inspiration, Hongjin sports and leisure equipments are always standing out in the market.

Shop FIttings

Hongjin Industrial have expert advisors, designers and engineers who provide expertise to create customer enticing displays that will deliver a positive shopping experience for any retailer.


Your garden is a place to relax and feel good. To ensure that your plants and your lawn stay green and healthy, you deserve to have the right gardening tools. Having full range of garden care tools, spades and accessories, Hongjin will help you for almost any job around your flower and vegetable beds.


From all kinds of hardwares, hand tools to simple small knives, tools exist in everyone’s life. Tools can be a permanent arrange that never goes out. Hongjin tools will always look at the total tools solution to get you where you want, and need. Challenges are always better faced with Hongjin tools.

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